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You’ll probably see a lot of blog posts in the coming weeks from 2017! Being like many of you holding more than one hat (mom, wife, friend, entrepreneur, photographer, cosmetologist) I have been forgetful to post some images from each of those sessions! So i’ll be doing that so bear with me. 😉

Caitlin had scheduled with me so we could get some holiday photos and also update photos of her with her two kids. I absolutely love being able to photograph any parent with their kids before you know it they will be all grown up!

I want to put out there too that i recommend having at least once a year to gather your family together for updated photos. Whether that be for the holidays, during the summer time or a family reunion. It’s so important to me that you guys have images to remember and look back on, i promise you that it’ll be worth it! There are moments where I’m like uhhh should I, do i need to do family photos of MY OWN family? YES , the answer is 100% YES.


If your in Colorado, feel free to reach out and let’s get your session scheduled! Even if your visiting from out of town.


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