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Colorado Photographer

You’re here looking for Wedding Services or Family Photography Services. I’ll be here to guide your through the whole booking process.

My current pricing listed below, needing a more tailored package? Feel free to contact me to discuss what you need.

Also If there is a service I don’t provide please let me know and I’ll personally reach out to local photographers I know throughout Colorado to help find what your in search of for the services I don’t provide.

Thank you,



Booking Process

First Step to the booking process (Contacting The Photographer) after you’ve set your desired budget for the art your about to invest in.

Now Step Two will be communicating with me what you have decided on or maybe you need advice on which portrait package to select if you have little kids or maybe your wedding day package needs some customizations. Also check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

 Step Three! Getting you on the Calendar. You’ll receive email for the agreement and an invoice for the Non-Refundable Retainer. Both will be completed online and easy to complete! Then your scheduled date and time will be locked in and added to my calendar!

Step Four, we’ll stay in contact with one another and finalize all the details (time, location, weather, scheduling etc.). Once your session day comes we’ll chat during your session, and/or your wedding day, we’ll get to know one another. After your session/ wedding day I’ll contact you once your gallery is ready and we’ll go onto that step in more detail once we get there. And you’ll get to view and enjoy all your images! 🙂