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Oh Maternity Photos…

I have been pondering this so many times. How will I do my maternity photos, when should I do them, what should I wear..? Along with thinking of the cute poses I want to do with my family and some by myself. And the List of endless photographer ideas is endless. I had envisioned something so beautiful with those gorgeous gowns every mom may have seen online for sale or another photographer’s maternity work they may have seen in their Facebook feed.

Well that didn’t happen. Those super cute outfits I had been envisioning wasn’t going to come true. I was totally fine with doing the images myself but there isn’t two of me that knows how to photograph the way I do or knows what camera settings I prefer etc.etc. sighhh. To top it off this second time around and our budget doesn’t allow for the cute flowy gowns or to hire someone else to photograph us. I even cried about the dresses I did have that didn’t fit right so I just locked myself away like the pregnant hormonal momma I am. SO OVER IT. I decided that I would just forget it and try another day to do them in our apartment instead.

So I did just that! Took in a few days to think about how to do these images instead. Work with what I have vs fantasizing about how I wish they would have been. (Trust me the photographer mind of mine is still upset…yay overload of pregnancy hormones). Don’t feel bad though! I am in no way trying to ask for sympathy.

Being Thankful…

I simply wanted to share how I never thought how much photography has changed and taken over my life. It’s an important thing for me and how looking back at these images makes it so bittersweet. If this is my last pregnancy I want to make sure I have photos. Photos for my kids to look at as they grow older and for their future kids if they decide to have children. Not only for others but for myself as well. All the momma moments pass by so fast! So yes I’ll use my phone camera when I’m not photographing a special event in their lives like a birthday, or the holidays with our family.

THANK GOODNESS for my sweet husband. Granted photos are not his thing but he knows how much it means to me to get them done. So he helped me the best he could, bless his heart. Not only that but even during this photography mom’s melt down about photos he brought us (My oldest- Adelina & myself) some Oreo Blizzards from Dairy Queen that day when I just was fed up with it all. Granted I may try again once more to do some images outdoors before our sweet girl arrives but who knows.

Deep down I’ll manage….eventually! LOL. So if you are like me as that photographer mom who envisions things but it just doesn’t go as planned. Life is like that anyway, NOTHING goes according to plan. Deep breathes fellow photographer momma, it will be okay. The most important thing is my family and I am so thankful to have them.

parents sitting together with their oldest child looking at mom’s belly which is baby sister
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