Mr. and Mrs. Duplisea | Denver Clock Tower Wedding

How they met: Kristin bought a mattress off a mutual friend who coaxed Chris into helping bring the mattress to her new house. (Even though the mutual friend had a truck and Kristin could have helped move the mattress). They didn’t say much of anything to each other that day. She told her mom she thought he was good looking, loved that he drove a truck, and drooled over how tall he was. Kristin wasn’t expecting to see him again because she figured he was off the market anyway. He says he told our friend he liked what he saw and eventually stalked my Facebook.

It wasn’t until a Fourth of July party a couple weeks later at the mutual friend’s house that they actually “met”. Kristin’s daughter kept asking him to play with rocks and pick her up (and he did). As she watched from across the back yard and thought he was so sweet. Later that night he finally started talking to her. They ended up putting her bike in his truck where he tried to kiss Kristin but dodged him. When Chris tried again, she let him and felt cold chills, electricity down her spine and fireworks all at once. Kristin immediately got weak and flustered. She let him drive her home (not even .3 miles) and somehow we have been pretty inseparable since.

Their Proposal Story:

Chris and Kristin vacationed a few days in Charleston, SC to meet his mom, go horse back riding, take a dinner cruise and even drove to NC to see their online church in person. They drove all the way to Nashville for Kristin’s birthday for some sight seeing and yummy food. He proposed on her birthday after this amazing dinner at the Gaylord. She thought it would have happened already if at all, so she was completely in awe when it finally happened.

Chris hired a photographer who’d been sneakily taking pictures of them having dinner then literally popped out as they were walking. After Kristin looked at her like she was crazy (she took the pictures to prove it) Chris pulled her hand and in that moment , she knew. He’d tell you nothing seemed to be going right that evening but to Kristin, it was more than she could have ever asked for.

I was so honored to have photographed their gorgeous Clock Tower Wedding here in Downtown Denver. Such a beautiful location to go to! If you haven’t been I highly suggest checking it out during your visit here in Colorado. Congratulations to this sweet family and many well wishes!

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