Joel & Ali | Colorado Love | Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday and how i love how every store sells those cute heart shaped candies &  adorable cards you can send to you loved ones. It’s always good to do little gestures on a normal day when Valentine’s day has passed.

For this beautiful loving couple, we did some photos for them together showing their love & laughter together. We had so much fun downtown in Colorado Springs. So many little hidden gems this beautiful town holds.

I wanted to thank all of our Soldiers that are not able to be at home with their loved ones. Being able to spend any day with your significant other and family will be one of the most precious moments you’ll always hold close to your heart.

Ali & Joel_2015-3

Ali & Joel_2015-5

Ali & Joel_2015-6

Ali & Joel_2015-7


Ali & Joel_2015-11

Ali & Joel_2015-14-2

Ali & Joel_2015-20

Ali & Joel_2015-21


Ali & Joel_2015-23

Ali & Joel_2015-24

Selfies are always a must when your having fun! 😀

Ali & Joel_2015-26

Please note that this image above^ was taken when the crosswalk had given us the moment to do this image. My client’s safety and my own is my number one priority.

Ali & Joel_2015-29

Ali & Joel_2015-30

Ali & Joel_2015-31

Ali & Joel_2015-32

Ali & Joel_2015-33

Ali & Joel_2015-34

Ali & Joel_2015-28

The above image^ we were wanting to respect the flag at all costs, so no the flag is not wrapping them nor touching them, nor the ground. 🙂 <3

Ali & Joel_2015-37

Ali & Joel_2015-38-2

Loved working with Ali & Joel. Such a loving couple with amazing kids! 🙂

Ali & Joel_2015-41

Ali & Joel_2015-42

Ali & Joel_2015-43

Ali & Joel_2015-44

Ali & Joel_2015-13

Ali & Joel_2015-12

Ali & Joel_2015-16

Ali & Joel_2015-18-2


Ali & Joel_2015-35-2

Ali & Joel_2015-40

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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