Family Hike | Ward, Colorado

So we’re not your typical adventurous family.

We usually stay at home, Netflix and chill or go out to walk around probably too much window shopping. Well I’m here to tell you we are changing and I’m SO excited for it! We went to Nederland, CO for the weekend in September to be close to my Client’s elopement location that sunday and I was ecstatic. Got a hiking backpack (which didn’t arrive on time), bought snacks, got hiking shoes all the works so we were ready to go!

The day came and we went up to Denver to meet up with my husband to pick him up from work. And then we headed out to Nederland, I couldn’t remember if I had been there before and it looked so familiar. Then remembered we had driven through there a few times before when my dad took us all fishing. The views on the way up there is amazing!

And it just got even better and better once we went to Long Lake the following day to scope out the wedding location. The main parking lot was full so we ended up hiking a little more than we anticipated. Which was okay since we bought a map in town before we went up! And who knew we would need to read a map to get around. Thankfully my husband with his Military experience knew how to maneuver all of that. Now with that we parked over by the Brainard Lake Rec. area. and made it to Long lake and hiked around the whole lake, about 6 miles give or take.

And our soon to be 5 year old made that whole hike too! We saw a woodpecker for the first time and enjoyed the fresh mountain air & minimal to none on technology. My husband talked to me about how he doesn’t want us at home all the time and I completely agree. Here’s to future adventures!


Brainard Lake.

Long Lake.

Had to make sure her Bunny didn’t get scratched from all the bushes we walked through. haha. 🙂


This is one family adventure for the books! For getting to know me & my family more feel free to follow my personal Instagram. @shaylavelazquez

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