Our Engagement Story- Emily and Luke

I love to hear about how you and your fiancé first met one another, how he proposed to you and advice to all future Brides & Grooms looking to plan their upcoming wedding day. Tell us your story & I’ll be there to photograph it.

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1.How did you two meet and how long have you been together? 

Luke and I met Junior year of High School at a hockey rink back in our home town. We have been together for 4.5 years.

2.How did Luke Propose?

On December 28, 2016 luke had flown in to visit me for the holidays. Because it had been a while since we had seen each other, he wanted to do something special to celebrate. He told me that we would be going on a carriage ride downtown Indianapolis that night.

We both got all dressed up and got on the carriage. When we got on, he handed me a book that he was hiding in his coat full of pictures and cute little sayings. We began to read it together as I was holding back the tears. He had said I was reading it too fast so we stopped half way and enjoyed our ride. The driver had told us that we would be stopping half way to see the big light up tree in the middle of the circle of downtown Indianapolis. We both got out and begin to pose for a picture. As the flash went off, luke got down on one knee where he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

I was so surprised and was not expecting it at all! Once we got back into the carriage, we finished the rest of the book. On the last page it said, emily will you marry me?

I am so happy that I have this book to always look back at and to show our kids one day. My mom, my family, and neighbors were all at home waiting for us to arrive. My mom was the only one who knew that this was happening so when I came home, everyone was in shock! It was so fun to share such excited news with the people I love the most. As for the proposal, it had deeper meaning. My father, who passed away almost 2.5 years ago, proposed the same way to my mom. The day after my proposal is my parents anniversary. It truly was such a special and meaningful way that luke could of done it!

3.Where will your wedding be & what are you both looking most forward to on your wedding day?

Our wedding will take place in Fishers, IN. The thing we are most excited about is being with all of our closest family and friends. Because we will have done long distance for 5 years at the time of our wedding, we are also excited to finally be together and spend everyday together.

4. If you both could give any advice to the next bride and groom planning their wedding day what would you tell them?

Advice that we would give to the next bride and groom getting married is start planning right away! We have found that there are more things to a wedding then we thought of and it takes a lot of time to plan. As well as, working together to compromise and understand one another on what they want. Be in the moment with the planning and do get caught up in all the small stuff. This is a day dedicated to the both of you and being with the people you love is all that matters. Be a team in the process and make it a fun and exciting experience for the both of you.

5. What advice would you both give to the future Bride and Groom once they are newlyweds?

Advice we would give to a future bride and groom once they are newlyweds is take risks and be in the moment with one another. This is your time where you both are finally able to be together. Go try new things, communicate with one another, and keep the relationship alive. It can be a crazy and scary new thing but it will be amazing doing those things together!

-Emily & Luke


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