Colorado Wedding Anniversary | Shayonna & Shaheed

Wedding Anniversaries.

Shayonna & Shaheed will have their colorado wedding anniversary soon and it is approaching! We went to do some photos to remember another year together. Shayonna is also another photographer here in Colorado but is relocating next year. 🙁 I had so much fun working with them!

We stayed in Colorado Springs area for their photo session & of course we did sunrise! The lighting is so amazing at that time we went for it! I want you to hear from the both of them a little glimpse into their love story.

We met at our first job. A grocery store in our hometown. We had no idea we went to the same school. He was in 12th and I was in 10th grade. How did you know he/she was the “one” ? Shayonna said: I actually didn’t realize he was truly the one until we broke up for a summer. Even though we weren’t together, we didn’t skip a beat. He was always there, and so sweet even when I wasn’t the sweetest to him.

Shaheed said: When she was the only one that I have ever been willing to wait for. And she called me on all my bull and made me a better person for it. He proposed to me in the living room as we were having an argument about how he was never going to propose to me. What are some things you both love to do together? Travel, go new places to eat, but mostly Netflix and chill.

Best advice for other couples out there?

Open communication, being yourself, forgiveness, being a team has made our relationship successful so far. I also think that having a friendship with your spouse is important.


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