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Here is a little Q & A I had with Shayonna Middleton Photography whom i’ve had the honor of working with and getting to know her here in our Photography community here in Colorado Springs, CO.


1. What is something that your friends would consider “so you”?

I had to ask my friends about this one. This is what they said:
Playing Mariah Carey Christmas songs from 25 Nov-1 Jan. (What they don’t know is I play them YEAR ROUND), Going to the nail salon 16x’s weekly for a color change, Having a severe shopping problem (mostly photography related stuff now), Target.

2. What’s the last adventure you went on?

I took a day trip with my hubby up to Estes Park. (We toured the Stanley Hotel)

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3. What are three interesting facts about you?

I am Guyanese & Black, I LOVE rollercoasters,

4. What keeps you up at night?

I’m a worry wart. So just about anything that is not going right with my inner circle.

5. How do you relax after a hard day of work?

WINE. (And Almond Joys)

6. What are you most looking forward to in the next 10 years?

Establishing myself more as a photographer, & having baby, conquering other business ventures I want to pursue!

7. What’s the best way to start the day?

I love a cup of tea & a devotional. Morning time is my prayer time so that’s how I usually spend it!

8. Why did you decide to do the work you are doing now?

I became a photographer because I wanted others to see the beauty that is left in the world. Specifically in people. There is still genuine kindness, love, compassion! The very things that we use to divide us are what makes us unique and valuable. I like to capture that in my work so people still have hope.

9. What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

I am venturing off into a new area in photography. It’s been both exciting & scary but I’m going to give it my best. Also, we are getting orders

 soon so I’m excited to see where the Army sends us next.


10. Who inspires you?

My mom. I never tell this story but she was an auditor with a huge company when I was growing up and I remember the day she got laid off. There was fear in her eyes and at the time my sisters and I were really young so she was probably worried. She eventually went back to school to become a teacher & very recently got her Masters Degree. Now looking back on it I’m in awe of her because she never missed a beat. Her plan didn’t work out so she created a new one. Between her & my stepdad we never lacked anything even though I’m sure they wished they could do more. They showed me that it’s not what you do but how you do it. If you work hard, if you’re honest & fair you can be successful! Now that I’m an adult I’m no longer scared of not following the “plan” I had when I was fresh out of high school. Its ok to start late, find your passion first, or go right into college after you graduate, etc. Do what makes you happy with no regrets.



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