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Catching up on all the weddings that I have yet to blog so thank you so much for your patience! We send all wedding clients a questionnaire to get to know them more. I love reading how they met, how they determined that their loved one is the one & the ever so fun proposal stories.  I even shed a couple tears on their day when they said how thankful and happy they were to have me photograph their wedding. (insert all the happy tears!)

Chase and Rose met on a float trip. On the Elk River with their church youth group while they were in high school. A friend of Rose had invited her, and Chase thought she was pretty. She accepted his Facebook friend request, and they started talking every free minute they both had. Soon he had her number, and they’ve been each others’ best friend ever since. 🙂 They chose to come to Colorado for their wedding and elope at Sapphire Point in Dillon, CO. Such beautiful views to remember their day.

Here’s their Proposal story written by Chase :

“At the time, Rose was attending school in Arkansas. We looked forward to our weekends together during which I would drive to visit her. The week before I proposed, I booked a table at our favorite Italian restaurant, Villa Ravenna, and told them I would be proposing that night. I contacted our photographer friend to ask him if he’d be willing to discretely enter the restaurant carrying the ring and text me around the end of our meal. He and the hostess of the restaurant were both ecstatic about the idea.

When the weekend came, I met the photographer early in the morning to give him the ring. Then called Rose to tell her to get ready,  I’m on my way, and that she should dress nicely. I made a stop at a Russell Stover shop on the way and purchased two boxes of chocolate, which I bought on our first date. I picked her up and brought her back to Tulsa so excitedly that I accidentally got us back much earlier than I expected. We had to burn some time finding things to do in Tulsa.

In the following few hours, she started to pick up on something being different about the day. Finally the time came for our dinner, we had our meal, and she repeatedly told me that I was acting strange. Despite my attempts to remain secretive. At the end of the meal, I texted the photographer who had been sitting outside the restaurant and told him it was time.

Conveniently, the restrooms are located near the front of the restaurant, so I asked Rose to excuse me and walked to the front. I met the photographer and got the ring box from him. The hostess agreed to video the proposal on my phone. We walked back into the room and walked up to Rose. When she saw our photographer friend walking with me, she knew.

Chase got down on my knee with her still sitting at the table and said, “Baby, I’ve loved you since the day I met you, I never knew someone like you existed. Never knew love could be like this. I talked to your parents and they said yes. Kimberlee Rose Nies, can I marry you?” She said yes, and the whole room cheered, with the exception of one waiter explaining the night’s specials to the table behind us who took a few moments to catch on. It was actually hilarious and is recorded in the video!

After taking some photos outside the restaurant we headed back to my mom’s house. Where I had asked her family and mine to prepare a surprise party. When we arrived I pulled the two boxes of chocolate out from under her seat. Rose knew immediately what they were. We went inside and surprised her once again with a family party. She spent the next several days finding ways to tell everyone who hadn’t heard the news yet. It was perfect.”


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Wedding location: Sapphire Point in Dillon, Colorado

Wedding rings:  Jared & Israel Diamond Supply

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