Colorado Wedding Photographer


My Name is Shayla Velazquez and I’m a natural light photographer based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I love meeting new people and getting to know each of my clients! Family is a big important part of my life especially  keeping up with my 5 yr old and my husband! You’ll see that I enjoy taking photos of my daily life through Instagram (iPhone or Big Camera)!

 When I’m not behind the camera you’ll might find me at Target, in addition to Starbucks or even just out on an adventure with my family! 🙂

I’m very passionate as a Photographer and my goal is making sure you have a great time! That you feel relaxed and have fun with your loved ones. YOU make the photos come to life! I’m just honored you chose me to be there.

Life goes by way too fast. My family continues to grow and along with them I capture our own moments. It’s priceless art! To connect with my family online therefore I share my photographs in addition to them living overseas or in another state and as a result we don’t get to visit them as often as we’d like. And Looking back at old photo albums plus the picture frames on your walls from those times you spent together will be the best thing you’ll get to walk by and see everyday.  Some of them may even be funny or silly and it just brings a smile or happy tears to your eyes!

No matter the point time you are in life, it’s never too late to hire a professional photographer!

I’d love to get to know you and what your looking for your upcoming Wedding or Portrait photo session with me!

I’ll talk to you soon!



-Shayla Velazquez